Lesson from a Cold Snap

Another weird round of weather has once again beset us here in Atlanta. If you can ignore seemingly endless amounts of rain (I mean, backyard sinking, mud-hole making, ditch digging, tires spinning, R.A.I.N.), the bright side is that at least it hasn’t been too cold for the last couple of weeks. The temps have actually been near 70 some days, making all but the most cold-natured shed their winter coats and fuzzy boots in favor of light cardigans and flats.

But even if you didn’t notice the change in outerwear, you can’t help but see that the last stint of warm weather has brought out bursting signs of Spring telling us that a change in seasons is just around the corner. Flowers and trees are starting to emerge and come back to life everywhere.

But the warm-up was suddenly interrupted over the weekend as a cold front roared through on Sunday (with even more rain) bringing winter back with a vengeance. Cold wind and plummeting temperatures have surprised us all.

But you know, in spite of that, there’s something about this changing time of year that I love. Oh, don’t get me wrong.  The warm weather is certainly welcome after a dreary and wet winter like the one we’ve had, and being this far south, I know that the thermometer will go up again soon. While the cold snap did send a shockwave reminder that it is actually still winter, it also creates a stark and odd contrast between the disturbingly cold wind and the flowers pushing up thru the otherwise barren ground.

I like that because, if you think about it, it’s a beautiful picture of Gospel. Even in the midst of desolation, there is always new life! And that’s the real hope, isn’t it? The death and destruction of sin brought by the enemy is not powerful enough to stamp out the new life that comes through Christ! Resurrection is the confidence of all who know our Savior … and that promise isn’t just for somewhere way out in the future. New life comes now as we yield to Christ and allow the warmth of His love to bring renewal.

Spring always follows winter.


Hold on to that as you see the flowers and trees come to life in the days ahead, and be reminded that it’s also a picture of the work Christ does in us and those around us every day. New springs forth from old. Hope emerges from sorrow. Beauty arises from ashes, and through Christ’s sacrifice,  life overcomes death.

 And He who was seated on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”
Also He said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” 

Revelation 21:5


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