Iridescent Impact

This time of year, my family is always deep in costume making. What started as a fun candy-gathering activity for my elementary school kids has morphed over the years into colossal all-out costume-making season that usually starts in July and has us scouring thrift stores for pieces to turn into outfits and working on props. There are no last-minute pre-made party store purchases for this crew. We start from scratch and work diligently for weeks to come up with a group concept for the whole family… (never mind that all our kids are legal voting-age adults now!)

I’m not really sure how this tradition got to this level, all I know is that in the neighborhood we visit in October, we have developed somewhat of a fan-base. Every year, we have more than one house whose residents look for us every year, shouting some version of “Here’s that family again!” to their neighbors. So, yeah, it’s kind of a fun thing we all do together now.

And, of course, this year has been no different. We’ve been making costumes for weeks now and this year’s quantity of glitter has reached somewhat of an epic level. There are clear, iridescent sparkles EVERYWHERE in my house. On my table, the floor, all over the furniture, on our clothes… even a little bit on the dogs! I even found it in our car!

As my vacuum and I been trying to wage war against the shimmering siege, I couldn’t help but think there might a metaphor in my glitter problem that might remind believers in Jesus of how we should live in this world today.

Think about it like this. Imagine if you came to my house and were assigned glitter detail in our costuming project, then, without washing your hands, left to go to work, to the store, to school or to have coffee with your best friend. Everywhere you went, everything you touched, and everyone you met would be left with a reminder of your presence. The glitter would be so embedded on you that it’d be impossible not to leave a little sparkle behind everywhere you went. And the people you interacted with would pick it up and take it with them to their homes and workplaces. It’d be conceivable to think that the glitter from just your hands could be spread miles away in only a few days.

That’s the way Christians ought to be as well. Our dedication to godliness and faithfulness to the Lord ought to be so deeply embedded in who we are that no matter where we go, or who we brush against in our daily activities, we would leave at least a little something behind.  Our influence could then be transferred from one to another until many bear the mark of Christ.

I think that’s exactly what Jesus meant when He instructed His followers to be like salt and light.  (Matthew 5:13-14). His illustration succinctly challenges us to live in such a way that the environment around us and the people we interact with will be changed … irrevocably marked… by Christ through our presence.

Then the wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever and ever.  Daniel 12:2

3 thoughts on “Iridescent Impact

  1. Laura Duttweiler says:

    This is a exacting analogy…I will never see glitter the same …rather with a fond smile of knowing all that sparkles…is kindness, gentleness, compassion, love..waiting to be sprinkled❤


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