The Blessing ~ Part Five

When you think about favor, it’s generally associated with receiving good things.  Like, if you received favor from a teacher in school, you might have a chance for a longer lunch period, extra credit points or an exception in submitting a late assignment.  Favor from your boss might mean a choice office space, more benefits or extra responsibility that results in a bonus or promotion. And favored status at church could manifest itself in a more visible position or a special invitation by leaders.

When it comes to our relationship to Jesus, there’s a tendency to equate God’s favor with some form of tangible blessing or answered prayer as well. While that’s certainly one aspect of it, believers shouldn’t allow ourselves to link the favor of our Heavenly Father with always getting what we want. That’s because our interpretation of what’s good is famously flawed. We’ve all made the mistake of celebrating those things that are fundamentally bad for us and at the same time spurning that which is ultimately beneficial. From our limited vantage point, we just can’t assess our circumstances correctly all the time.  However when viewed through the perspective of time, most Christians realize that often disappointments and frustrations turn out to be God’s protection and/or platforms that leads to new opportunities.

While it’s natural for us to have concerns and/or preferences about how we’d like things to go in this life, there’s a point at which we need to understand and yield to the Father’s heart toward us. His love always shines on us even when life takes us to places we never envisioned. Even in seasons of bitter heartache and loss, being ‘in Christ’ assures you that you dwell continuously in God’s unbroken affirmation.  1 John 3:1 reminds us that as God’s child, His love is unceasingly lavished upon you… no matter what occurs.

Instead of praising God only for what appear to be blessings at the moment, determine in  your heart to celebrate His goodness and faithfulness as you remember that all things that come from Him are an expression of His favor… whether you realize it at the time or not.

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