The Blessing – Part Six

The foreshadowing of the peace of God finds its roots all the way back in the first pages of Scripture. The harmony intended by the Lord was shattered by Adam and Eve when they allowed the murmurings of the crafty serpent to create doubt in their minds concerning the goodness of their Creator. The cosmic fracture that ensued after they chose to sample the forbidden fruit reverberated through time and leaves us all with an inner turmoil and restlessness that nothing on this earth can satisfy. But instead of abandoning humanity to fear, confusion and an insatiable search for a salve for our aching hearts, God took the initiative and covered the first couple with skins foreshadowing His offer of peace. (Gen. 3:21)

Though yet to be fully accomplished at the time these words from Numbers 6 were written, this blessing of peace heralded the coming end of hostilities between God and humanity. The rift and animosity that sin caused in the Garden would be repaired through the sacrifice of the life of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  Once we enter into a relationship with Him through faith, the anxious war in our souls can be replaced with His perfect sense of well-being… an inner stability that isn’t dependent on circumstances.

So as you look ahead to a future that might seem insecure and unsure, remember the promise of the peace of God is unending. Though you may feel anxious or uneasy, know that as a believer in Christ, you are never alone. And as you seek Him through prayer, worship and study of His Word, you can confidently trust that God gives you His peace…

His name is Jesus and He will be “with you always, even to the very end of the age.” (Matt. 28:20)

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  1. Nancy Woodall says:

    Thanks for this comforting reminder of God’s love.


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