About Me!

I was practically born in church in a small town in North Carolina.  I went to Vacation Bible School and was in the children’s Christmas play every year.  When I was older, I went to youth (actually I was 1/5 of the whole youth group,) and was at every lock-in and service project.  With that as my background, my spiritual maturity quickly blossomed once I gave my life fully to Jesus Christ in my 20s.  A few years later, I moved to Atlanta and began to attend First Baptist Church of Atlanta, a strong Bible teaching church that encouraged my commitment and challenged me to walk in godliness.  But, it wasn’t long until I hit a spiritual plateau.  I knew a lot of truth, but there existed an unsettling undercurrent that told me there HAD to be something more to Christianity than going to church, and trying to live right.

I bet if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve felt those same feelings too, but most people live their entire lives and never relate that inner disquietness with anything spiritual.  Those deeper aches are usually discounted as childish, insignificant or just plain life, but the truth is that your heart is telling you the truth.

There IS something more.

And as I eventually learned, that ‘more’ is Jesus. 

He called me… and is calling to you… out of where you are into something bigger than what you can make for yourself.  He doesn’t want you to be satisfied going to work, taking care of family, pursuing hobbies, attending church, and doing whatever you can to just be ‘happy’.  That isn’t –and never was- God’s intent.  He desires for you to discover and come to know Him in a fashion that moves you way beyond what passes for ‘normal’ Christianity.  But few believers ever see the events of our lives as God’s wooing of us.

Through my writings, it’s my desire to share my journey with the hope of helping you see your life in the context of God’s story and to realize that He’s purposefully at work in every ‘switchback’ (those big and small direction changes in life) to draw you more deeply into His love.


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